FreckleBall was born from a problem all young athletes experience: a nose busted during baseball practice. One night practicing his pop-up catching skills, Charlie’s baseball landed hard on his face and bloodied his nose. Worst of all, the injury made Charlie wary of his new sport. He set to work designing a ball for kids of all abilities to grip and catch, toss and throw, play with and squeeze.
“I wanted to make it easier for young kids to be able to catch a ball without getting hurt,” says Charlie Lowery, FreckleBall’s 13-year-old inventor. “I designed the FreckleBall so kids can practice catching more easily than with a hard, non-collapsible ball like a baseball or softball.”
FreckleBalls are made of food-grade silicon, vented with trademark “Freckles” for air-flow and flexibility, and filled with “FreckleBeads” that add weight and give FreckleBalls their signature satisfying “shake.” Unlike other balls, material flexibility allows children as young as one-year-old to grip and catch FreckleBalls. Bead distribution prevents rolling into streets and facilitates play.