Meet Charlie

Inventor of the FreckleBall and FreckleBand

Eleven-year-old Charlie loved playing sports and inventing things.

One night after baseball practice, Charlie stayed late in his backyard, practicing his pop-up catching skills. During one high throw, his baseball came down hard on his nose. Charlie had a nosebleed, but he was okay. Charlie’s love for playing ball and for inventing came together, and from that baseball mishap came Charlie’s idea for FreckleBall.

“I wanted to make it easier for young kids to be able to catch a ball this size without getting hurt,” says Charlie, who is now 13 years old and in 7th grade. “So, I designed the FreckleBall so kids can practice catching more easily than with a hard, non-collapsible ball like a baseball or softball.”

FreckleBalls would have to be soft, so Charlie researched and found food-grade silicon to be the softest and most pleasant material. The balls would need to be light but not weightless. After much tinkering, Charlie came up with the idea of putting tiny beads inside of a hollow silicon. These “FreckleBeads” lend the perfect weight and control to FreckleBalls – even stopping them from rolling down grassy hills into the street. The “Freckles” allow the pleasant sound of the beads to be heard, as well as allowing air and water to pass through the FreckleBall.

Charlie shared his new invention with his friends–they loved the FreckleBall!

“The reason we enjoy FreckleBalls is simply because they’re fun!” says Charlie. Charlie’s uncle owns a manufacturing plant. He helped Charlie produce FreckleBalls for all his friends. Now, Charlie wants to share FreckleBalls with every boy and girl.

When he’s not playing FreckleBall with his friends, Charlie enjoys playing guitar, drums, singing and practicing martial arts. (Watch FreckleBall TV to see Charlie and his sensei practicing with FreckleBalls!)